Samsung revealed the Galaxy Buds Live yesterday, a pair of true wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, eight hours of battery life, and a fun design. If you're looking for where to buy the new earbuds, we've got you covered.

The Galaxy Buds Live are now available in three colors, all priced at $169. That's only $20 more than the Galaxy Buds+, and $80 less than the Apple AirPods Pro — not bad at all. However, some stores have extra discounts and promotions that can save you a little bit of money.


The Galaxy Buds Live are available from Samsung's online store for the standard price of $169.99. However, you can get 5% off when you use anyone's referral code at checkout, bringing the cost down to $161.49. That's not a major discount, but it might cancel out the cost of taxes (if they are required in your region).

Galaxy Buds Live with referral discount added

You can get the Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung at the link below. You can find some referral codes on Twitter, or by searching the web for "samsung referral code." Samsung also has an educational discount that takes $17 off the price.


Amazon is also selling the Buds Live in all three colors, for the standard price of $169.99. Free two-day shipping is available for Amazon Prime members.

Best Buy

If you have some Best Buy gift cards lying around, Best Buy has all three colors of the Galaxy Buds Live. However, at least a few physical retail stores don't seem to have them in stock yet, so you'll probably have to order online.


Target has all three colors of the Buds Live, but the store doesn't seem to be taking orders for them yet. All three pages are marked with a 'Coming soon' message, as of when this article was published. Whenever they do become available, Target RedCard members should be able to get 5% off — the same discount you can get by using an affiliate code on Samsung's store.

B&H Photo

B&H Photo is also selling the Galaxy Buds in all three colors, at the standard price of $169.99. Only the Black color seems to be in stock at the moment, as the White and Bronze variations are still marked as pre-orders.