Samsung's latest smartwatch has been leaked countless times already, and hands-on videos were even floating around the web before Samsung acknowledged the watch's existence. The Galaxy Watch3 was finally officially announced on August 5th, and now you can buy one from several retailers across the United States.

The new Galaxy Watch3 (yes, Samsung skipped over the Watch2) takes most of its design cues from the traditional-looking original Galaxy Watch, rather than the slimmer and sportier Watch Active2. That includes the physical rotating bezel from the Galaxy Watch and Gear S3, which was notably absent from the sports watches.

As with previous Samsung smartwatches, there are a lot of different variations. There are three colors, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White (where's the Mystic Maya design?). Samsung is also offering two different sizes, 45mm and 41mm — similar to the 44mm and 40mm options from the Watch Active2. Finally, there will be Stainless Steel and Titanium finishes available, with the latter option only available for the larger 45mm model.

In this roundup, we'll highlight all the stores and carriers selling the Watch Active2, and which promotions and discounts are available at each.


Samsung's online store has all color variants of the Watch3, as well as both the Wi-Fi-only and LTE models. Pricing starts at $399.99 for the cheapest 41mm Wi-Fi model, or $429.99 for the 45mm version. If you want LTE, that will cost $449.99 for the 41mm or $479.99 for the 45mm.

The good news is that you can trade in select old phones, tablets, or watches to receive a discount on the Watch3. Here are some of the trade-in values for devices in working condition with no screen cracks:

  • iPhone 6S Plus: $84
  • iPhone 7: $82
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $84
  • Galaxy S8: $105
  • Galaxy S8+: $103
  • Galaxy S8 Active: $68
  • Galaxy Note 5: $55
  • Pixel 2: $52
  • Pixel XL: $34
  • Pixel: $25
  • iPad Mini 3: $25
  • Galaxy Watch Active2: $150
  • Galaxy Watch: $100
  • Gear S3: $100
  • Galaxy Watch Active: $75
  • Apple Watch Series 5: $200
  • Apple Watch Series 3: $150
  • Apple Watch Series 3: $100

On top of that, you can get 5% off when you use anyone's referral code at checkout, bringing the cost down to $161.49. That's not a major discount, but it might cancel out the cost of taxes if they are required in your region. You can find some referral codes on Twitter, or by searching the web for "samsung referral code."

Finally, Samsung also has an educational discount that can further reduce the price if you're a teacher or student.

Best Buy

Best Buy is selling all variations of the Galaxy Watch3, and most options appear to be available for local pickup at physical stores, if you don't want to wait for shipping. There are no discounts or trade-in offers, though — pricing starts at $399.99 for the cheapest 41mm Wi-Fi model, or $429.99 for the 45mm version. If you want LTE, that will cost $449.99 for the 41mm or $479.99 for the 45mm.


Target has both the LTE and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi versions of the Galaxy Watch3, all at the standard MSRP prices. There are no trade-in offers or discounts, unless you have a Target RedCard, which should get you 5% off — the same discount you can get by using an affiliate code on Samsung's store.


Verizon has the LTE versions of the Galaxy Watch3 for sale, including both the 41mm and 45mm sizes. The 41mm model is $449.99, or $18.74/month over the span of two years. The 45mm version is $479.99, or $19.99/month spread out across two years. Both online ordering and free in-store pickup options are available.

B&H Photo

Finally, if you prefer shopping at B&H Photo, B&H is also selling the LTE and Bluetooth/WiFi versions of the Galaxy Watch 3. However, there aren't as many options available as other retailers (there doesn't appear to be any Bronze models at all), and the watches are still marked as pre-orders.