Following those previous leaks, Google has taken a page out of its own book and shown us a glimpse of "what the Nest team is working on from home." The images (and video!) clearly depict the upcoming Nest Speaker, confirming the overall design we saw earlier today.

We were even sent a video of the speaker in action as a sort of "supercut" of what it looks like in Nest team member's homes:

Much more visible in the image (at the top of this post) is the seam down the side of the speaker. We also get our first glimpse of the other colors we can expect. Names might vary, but if it's anything like Google's existing Nest speakers, now we know what it looks like in light blue and coral — on top of what we have to assume was light gray in the regulatory filing images.

Based on the video, we have to assume that the speakers (as you'd probably expect, and like other Google Home/Nest speakers) can be paired for stereo use.

This isn't the first time that Google has taken control of product leaks like this. Last year the company leaked part of the Pixel 4's design all on its own after the first images of the phones leaked, and it followed that up with a detailed explanation of upcoming features. We still don't have a formal product announcement for this new, as-yet-unnamed Nest speaker, but Google's taken back control of the dialogue for its upcoming product in what's starting to be a trend.

Google's response to leaks (and, frankly, its overall product strategy) still seems a little inconsistent, but now we can definitely point at what the upcoming Google Home successor will look like now that the original has been discontinued. The company's hardware approach might need some work, but it's not like Google would be so foolish as to ignore building a Google Home successor.

Rumored for a late August release and €100 price tag

Reliable leaker Roland Quandt has tweeted about a possible launch date and price for the new Google Nest speaker. According to his retail sources, the new product (codenamed J2) should be available to purchase at the end of this month for a price of around €100. That equates to about $120 if you do a straight conversion, although that's almost never an accurate predictor. European prices always include a 15-20% VAT, and past observations tell us that a €100 price will be closer to $100 than $120 in the US.

The original Google Home launched for $129, so it seems we can expect similar if not reduced pricing when its successor finally goes on sale, assuming this information is correct and doesn't change before release (which it may well do).

Quandt also mentioned Chalk and Charcoal color options, although Google's teaser video shows off green and blue versions, so it's possible more colors will be available. If the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds are anything to go by, additional colorways could be exclusive to certain regions.