We're now just a couple of hours away from Samsung's Note20 Unpacked livestream. It'll likely bring us many mentions of the word "innovation," a tour of the company's electronics headquarters, a bunch of celebrity cameos, and, oh yes, new smartphones, a new tablet, and a new smartwatch. You can watch the event as it happens right here, starting at 7 a.m. PDT (10 a.m. EDT).

We're expecting to learn a whole lot more about the devices that have been teased, leaked, and speculated on over and over again.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 will attempt to answer all of the structural failures that the original Galaxy Fold shipped with. The Galaxy Note20 phones will try to push a conventional smartphone (with a stylus) to the limits of the premium range that consumers will acquiesce. The Galaxy Watch 3 iterates on a form factor that hasn't had much excitement in recent years, at least outside of the Apple Watch. There's a Galaxy Tab S7 that we can also look forward to. Finally, for the Galaxy Buds Live, all we can say is... beans.

Check back on Android Police throughout the day for in-depth coverage on what gets revealed.