Tasker is the Swiss Army knife of Android power users. The app can automate basically anything, and in the right hands, it's a stupendously powerful tool. And today's v5.9.3 update has made it just a little bit more powerful. But don't let that tiny number change fool you, there's more than just bug fixes here. This latest version now supports any sensor on your device, works with contacts in third-party apps, gives you full Do Not Disturb control, and lets you send an unlimited number of variables between tasks, among literal piles of other changes.

At this point, Tasker is almost its own operating system.

Tasker's last big update was all the way back in February when it picked up support for on-device ADB shell commands. However, yesterday the app "Tap, Tap" picked up support for Tasker, letting you add automated actions to Pixel-like double-tap gesture on of the back of your phone.

Tasker previously worked with a handful of sensors like the ambient light sensor and pressure sensor (if they were available), but now it claims it can discover and use any sensor on your device. There are also new UI dialogs you can use for tasks (like lists), and dialogs can now be customized with HTML formatting. There's also a new Contact Via App action that, as its name suggests, lets you send stuff to contacts from third-party apps — so stuff like Skype or WhatsApp.

The new version adds custom settings to the Do Not Disturb action with way more options so you can more precisely trim down how and when you'd like to be interrupted. They mirror whatever options you have available in Settings for your Android version.

You can also now trigger Tasker via links on the web. It seems to me that might be a potential security concern, depending on what actions can be performed from a link, but I look forward to seeing the different ways developers end up using it.

Frankly, that's just the tip of the iceberg here. Automation addicts can take a look at the formal v5.9.3 announcement for more details, including video walkthroughs on how to use each of the major new features. The full and meaty changelog is available here, and the update should be rolling out now via the Play Store, though you can also download it directly from Tasker's Dropbox here.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49