Amidst rising tensions between the two countries, the government of India banned 59 apps (like TikTok!) that originated from China in June. The next month, the country announced an additional 47 more apps that were blocked. Now it looks like at least a few more have been added to the banned list, including apps from Xiaomi and Baidu.

This time around, the government has failed to publicly declare which apps are being taken down. We do know that the ban now includes Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Pro along with search apps from Baidu. Right now, it's unclear exactly how many new apps have been affected by India's actions. Maybe the government has realized that if you're going to take away apps people enjoy, it's probably best to minimize publicity.

While it comes as no surprise that India is eager to limit China's online presence in the country, it's notable that Xiaomi's browser app is among the newly banned applications. A few of the company's less popular offerings like the Mi Community app were included in last month's ban. The Chinese-based manufacturer is the most popular smartphone company in India, with an estimated 90 million users. For what it's worth, Xiaomi says it is looking into this issue and will take appropriate measures, while Baidu did not offer any comment.

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