Technical advances in gallium nitride (GaN) have enabled wall chargers to push more power while shrinking in size, and Anker's PowerPort Atom PD 2 is a great example of that. Despite only measuring about 3" in width and height, the Atom PD 2 is capable of outputting 60W of electricity, and now you can get it for $20 off its usual price.

The PowerPort Atom PD 2 uses the USB-PD quick charging standard, so it can quickly top up flagship Galaxy phones, Pixels, Nintendo Switches, ultrabooks, and other PD-complaint devices. It can output 60W over a single port, and if you connect two devices at once, both will receive a maximum of 30W.

We reviewed the PowerPort Atom PD 2 last year, and found that it does deliver on the promise of a tiny 60W Type-C charger, though it does get fairly hot during extended use. If that doesn't bother you, you can get the charger from Amazon at the link below.