The OnesPlus Nord has been one of the most hyped phones in the year, but reviews — including our own — have suggested that it's worth our attention. While pre-orders sold out in almost no time at all, the phone went on general sale today across Europe and Asia. Here's where you can get it from, assuming there's still any stock left.

In most markets, the OnePlus Nord is available in two configurations — 8/128GB or 12/256GB. In India, there will also an exclusive model with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for just 24,999 INR. However, due to strong pre-order demand, Indian open sales have been postponed until August 6 at 12:00 am IST.

Shipping times on seem to vary between 24 hours and 2 days in most markets and some variants are already out of stock.

For additional market availability, check your regional page. If you want to find out more about the OnePlus Nord, take a look at some of our other coverage, including our full review, sample photo gallery, comparison with the OnePlus 8, and much more.