Remember Google+? Google's failed social network shut down in 2019 amidst the discovery of multiple privacy-related issues. A class-action lawsuit was filed at the time, and now it looks like that's coming to fruition. Some former members of the service have received an email inviting them to file a claim for a payout of up to  — wait for it — $12.

According to the email, people who had a Google+ account between January 1, 2015 and April 2, 2019 may be entitled to a portion of the $7.5 million class-action settlement reached in January. Back in 2018, Google admitted that up to 500,000 Google+ profiles were affected by a vulnerability, though it claimed to have found no evidence that any developer knew how to exploit the API bug. Around the same time, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company.

There was some initial confusion on the validity of the emails due to the links in the email being broken, but Google has confirmed in a statement that the email is the real McCoy. Users who haven't received an email can visit the website to learn more and submit a claim. The deadline is October 8, 2020. Google worked so hard to get Google+ into the minds of consumers, but now the company may be wishing the deceased service would fade away completely. At least we've got Currents now?