Pixel phones have usually been known more for utilitarian design than flashy looks, but Google's line of fabric cases certainly helps the phones stand out from the crowd while adding some drop protection as well. With the announcement of the new Pixel 4a, the Google Store is cutting prices on fabric case options for the Pixel 3a/3a XL and Pixel 4/4 XL down to just $20, a savings of 50%.

The main draw of these cases are the custom fabrics designed to fit with the Google-y design of the phones. Plastic cases are a dime a dozen, but it's rare to see ones like these in the wild. They're soft on the outside and the inside thanks to a microfiber lining that provides cushioned scratch protection. And the edges of the case are raised to ensure a dropped phone screen won't make direct contact with the unforgiving ground. The Pixel 3a cases come in Carbon, Fog, and Seascape (my personal favorite) options, while Pixel 4 users can choose from Sorta Smoky, Just Black, Blue-ish, and Could be Coral.

Last year's Pixel 4 cases weren't my favorite from a design perspective, but some users think the larger bottom cutout makes gesture navigation easier. These definitely aren't the sturdiest cases you can get, but when it comes to style, Google's fabric cases are one of the best buys for Pixel owners. The usual asking price of $40 is a tad high, but at $20, these are much more compelling. If you're a current Pixel owner, picking up a new case for your existing device might help scratch that new phone itch brought on today's announcement of the Pixel 4a.

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