Samsung has been slowly trickling information out about its August 5th Unpacked event. The show itself was announced earlier this month, and it was clarified that five "power devices" would be introduced at the event about a week ago. To keep interest high, Samsung is counting down the days with short videos teasing not just the products, but the whole program itself.

The first video, released July 27, focuses mostly on the nerdy stuff. Across 30 seconds, we can identify outlines of the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Watch3, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and the Galaxy Note20, but there's also something on top of the Buds and Watch that seems to be the Galaxy Tab S7 lying down at an angle.

Also mentioned is "Exclusive Access to Untold Stories" from developers, designers, and innovators within Samsung Digital City (that's Samsung's South Korean headquarters).

In teaser number two, out today, we get some more oblique profile shots of the devices in question plus cameos from artists Myth, Khalid, and BTS — the latter group seemingly hanging with the new product spread.

We'll have to wait until August 5th to see if these stories and acts are anything interesting. The event will be streamed on Samsung's site, so anyone can tune in.

Jules Wang contributed reporting.