A promo video for Sony's upcoming WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones has leaked, confirming most of the various details we already knew about the awaited XM3 successor, while showing off that near-identical design in action.

Although almost all of the of the headphone's rumored specs have been confirmed between an app teardown and a prior Walmart leak, here's everything from the video in an easily parsed table:


Drivers 40mm "HD hybrid drivers."
Misc. Audio features DSEE extreme real-time audio upscaling tuned to specific genres/types; "adaptive sound control" for ambient speech and sound pass-through, tunable by location; "speak-to-chat" that pauses your music while you're talking.
Active noise cancellation "HD noise canceling processor QN1" with "dual noise sensor technology."
Battery "30 hours," with fast charging — 10 minute charge for 5 hours of playback.
Controls Earpiece capacitive/touch controls, on-ear detection.
Integrations Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Most of the headlining changes since the (outstanding) XM3 are sort of "smart" features. Things like the various adaptive sound pass-through modes, further tunable on a per-location basis. It also has DSEE extreme audio upscaling, which ostensibly recognizes the type of music you're listening to and upscales it to sound better. Note that the XM3s had a similar tech, but this is purported to be better. And while the XM3s had great sound and a built-in Assistant, they didn't pause while you spoke or dynamically adjust themselves to allow ambient noise in certain circumstances, but the upcoming XM4 will.

Though the video doesn't mention it, multi-device pairing has also previously leaked for the headphones, though there are a few caveats like giving up certain codecs or having to manually disconnect to switch between more than two devices.

Surprisingly, these new smarts don't mean a reduction in longevity. Sony advertises up to 30 hours of battery life, with a ten-minute charge (at sufficient power levels) providing up to 5 hours of playback. Those are the same numbers Sony advertised for the XM3.

More pricing details have also leaked via a (since removed) product listing, which points to a £349 cost in the UK — though we were already sure the US price was somewhere around $350 based on Walmart's earlier leak.

As before, it looks like we're getting them in two colors: Black and Silver-which-is-sort-of-gold.

With full promo videos now leaking, I don't anticipate we'll have much longer to wait for an official announcement.