Google's apps go through a continuous ebb and flow of features. One day a new option is added, the next it's taken away, and many years later, you might get it back. That's the case with Photos' video skip and rewind buttons. We had them in 2016, they disappeared at some point after that, and now they're back, albeit in a limited server-side rollout.

This groundbreaking feature adds two buttons next to the play/pause toggle when watching videos in Photos: one with two arrows pointing left to rewind a bit, the other with two arrows pointing right to skip forward. It's maddening what Google's UI whizzes can come up with these days, and even though it'll take a while to get used to such innovative iconography and functionality, I'm sure you'll find a way to wrap your head around it with enough practice.

A new feature also changes the breed of your dog 😂

The server-side change joins another one we'd noticed a month ago, which added a mute toggle next to the scrubber at the bottom of the screen. That one appears to have been rolled back now, and instead we get the playback controls. Not everyone is seeing these on their devices, despite being on the latest Photos (APK Mirror), so if you want to get them, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope.

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