No matter which phone you call your daily driver, additional chargers can always come in handy. Anker is one of the most popular companies producing 3rd-party charging accessories, and today at Amazon you can grab a bunch of charging hardware on sale, including a USB-C fast-charging cable and a 13,000mAh portable power brick.

Amazon has seven Anker charging products on sale today only. Here's the full list of the items included in Amazon's Deal of the Day:

There's some good deals to be had if you're in the market for more convenient charging  — and who isn't? There's even a few Lightning options for those traitors who use Apple products as their phones of choice. All these accessories are eligible for free shipping if you spend over $25 or subscribe to Prime. The solar panel charger looks particularly unique, and could be great if you're planning on camping out the pandemic away from society.