The Google camera app is one of the Pixel's biggest selling points — it's the special sauce that makes still photographs on Google's phones so great. Because it's updated through the Play Store, it can bring new capabilities to existing devices without a major Android update. Version 7.5 is out now, and digging into the APK has revealed a snapshot of several upcoming features.

One of the features in the works is audio zoom, which focuses in on a subject's audio as you zoom into it when recording video. It's been seen on phones like the Motorola Edge+ and last years iPhone 11, but Google hasn't yet implemented it in its own phones. This may change soon, as a description of the feature can now be found within the app code reading "boost the sound where the user is zooming in on."

Another item in the works is a new motion blur mode for the camera that may offer blurring that is comparable to that of a DSLR for photos of moving subjects.

Other changes that may be coming in later versions include an adjustable intensity setting for the flash, and social sharing for videos to quickly send videos right from the viewfinder. And hey, there are also mentions of device codenames sunfish, bramble, and redfin — aka the Pixel 4a, 4a (5G), and Pixel 5. You can find Google Camera on the Play Store, or grab the latest version directly from APK Mirror.

Google Camera
Google Camera
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