If you have a Chromecast, you probably know how convenient a device it is to watch your favorite content in a breeze. Although it's usually reliable, you occasionally need to reboot it, even if it's just after a software update. Unfortunately, that operation used to reset the volume's level to the maximum. Thankfully, Google just released an improvement that now makes the volume level persistent, even after rebooting the Chromecast.

Previously, rebooting your Chromecast would reset its volume to 100%, even if you had set it to a different level beforehand. With this new update, the device will now remember the volume level you set and keep it the same after the Chromecast reboots.

In addition to this minor fix, Google has also improved the way to Home app connects to Cast devices, which no longer requires them to be on the same network, making it easier to control media playback from your phone.