Google is in full Pixel 4a teaser mode today. The Made by Google Twitter account is in full meme mode and promoting a new lorem-ipsum landing page at the Google Store, a not-so-subtle teaser promoting the Pixel 4a. A simple color puzzle on the page reveals that August 3rd is somehow tied to "The Google just what you've been waiting for phone" — very likely the launch date.

Promoted as the profile link at The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream — the new name for the Made by Google Twitter account — the landing page is a minor puzzle. It's got a couple paragraphs of pseudo lorem ipsum filler text, with some choice additions like "videus chatum," "lowlightena capturum," "megapixelum" and "longlastingis batterum" above the outline of a phone in a (pretty witty) Photoshop-like transparency checkerboard. But the title at the top of the page is actually interactive. Clicking or tapping the rectangles cycles through the four Google logo colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.

If you match the six squares to the six colors in the written-out Google logo itself (blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red), the blocks fill in with text and an overlay on top of the phone points to an August 3rd date. In the context of the hotly anticipated Pixel 4a, we have to assume Google is teasing us with the formal announcement date.

We'll have to wait until August 3rd to be sure, but I expect the long, drawn-out, much-delayed Pixel 4a is very nearly upon us.