Consumers rely on Google Maps for up-to-date information about local businesses. In these uncertain economic times, supporting local business owners has become even more of a priority for many people. Now Google is introducing a new identity attribute to highlight Black-owned stores in communities across the United States.

Beginning today, merchants with a verified Business Profile can add a Black-owned business attribute to their profile. Google says it is also integrating the attribute into the Grow With Google digital skills training program as part of its $300 million pledge to support underrepresented entrepreneurs. When the attribute is added to a profile, users on Maps and Search will see an icon and a label identifying the business as being Black-owned.

This new identifier comes at a time when US race relations are under scrutiny following the killing of George Floyd. It joins other icons that highlight unique traits of local businesses, such as the women-led attribute, added back in 2018 in honor of International Women's Day. It's a small thing, but Google says this addition will help make its products more inclusive, as well as help consumers identify and support Black small business owners in these trying times.