Autofill is one of the handiest features a browser can have. Whether it's not having to remember your card details for online shopping or just saving time filling out address fields, it's super helpful. Now Google is announcing that the Chrome's Autofill on Android is getting even more quick and secure when it comes to payments and passwords.

The biggest change in my mind is the addition of biometric authentication to confirm credit cards, which was teased earlier this month. Chrome has been able to fill out card details for years, but it's always required re-entering the 3-digit CVC for confirmation. I can't count how many times I've started checking out online and stopped due to not remembering my code and being too lazy to go get my wallet. (Don't fret, my fellow impulse purchasers — the biometric confirmation is optional.) Chrome utilizes W3C standard WebAuthn to keep this info secure, and biometric data stays on the device.

Chrome is also implementing a new method of signing into websites, which first popped up as a flag a few months ago. Touch-to-fill for passwords will use the credentials saved in Chrome's password manager and present an easy-to-tap prompt that lets users select which account to use when logging into the webpage. Google says both these changes will be rolling out for Chrome on Android in the coming weeks. Biometric authentication is already available on Windows and Mac, although there's no indication if the sign-in experience will see a similar revamp on the desktop version.