The Galaxy A20 launched in April last year for only $120, providing a compelling little package. You'd be forgiven for assuming that Samsung would forget about its existence when it came to software support, given the track record for all non-Android One budget devices. Although several months late, Samsung did update this little guy to Android 10 and said update is now coming to Sprint models.

Only a few weeks behind Verizon, Sprint is rolling this update out via an OTA that should start popping up anytime now. There's no info regarding the size of the update, or whether this will be One UI 2.0 or 2.1 included in the announcement from Sprint. The security patch is from April, though, which was about the time Samsung updated the unlocked A20. Assuming this is the same update, slowed down by carrier bureaucracy, then this will be One UI 2.0 rather than the newer 2.1.

Although this update to Android 10 is late, it'll undoubtedly be worth the wait for owners of the A20. As well as all of the improvements Google made in Android 10, Samsung also upgraded its software experience. One UI 2.0 brings numerous quality of life enhancements and plenty of features and goodies to explore.

There's no timeline given by Sprint as to when this update will hit customers' devices, so hopefully, it will materialize soon.

Sprint parent company T-Mobile also started distributing Android 10 to the Galaxy A20. There was a quota period between July 12 and 20 before the update became widely available.