The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has been leaked almost completely at this point. There's some we still don't know — how much it'll cost, for example — but we're fairly sure it's going to be revealed on August 5th at Samsung Unpacked, we've got most of the specs at this point, and even a look at a live Watch 3 with a band getting unboxed and set up in a hands-on video. If Samsung has any big Watch 3 secrets left, they're well hidden, but here's everything we know so far.

What will it look like?

Our best look at the Watch 3 yet is in this unboxing video, which exposes basically everything about the watch.

This video pretty much has ruined Samsung's big reveal, and while we've got more images below, none offer the close look this video does.

We've seen technical drawings, photos, and renders, and by all indications, the Galaxy Watch3 will look more like a traditional watch than its predecessors, with more pronounced side buttons and second indicators etched around its face.

Our first look at the unit in the flesh came by way of photos from South Korea's National Radio Research Agency:

Left: Galaxy Watch 3 SM-840, Right: SM-850

There are two styles labeled SM-840 and SM-850; the former has knurling around the bezel while the latter has a smoother look.

Last month, TechTalkTV on Twitter surfaced some low-quality photos of the watch in action, showing off the UI. Shortly thereafter, we received higher-quality photos from an anonymous source:

There's nothing particularly revelatory here; just the knurled SM-840 sporting a familiar Tizen interface. You can also see Samsung's trademark radial app picker in the first photo. According to SamMobile, that interface will be controlled with a physical rotating bezel — a popular feature from the first Galaxy Watch that was absent from the Watch Active and Active2 (although the latter did have a capacitive touch-sensitive bezel).

What are the specs?

SamMobile reported to have gotten its hands on the Galaxy Watch3's spec sheet last month. Across the two case sizes that will be available — 41 millimeters and 44 millimeters — it looks like the only differences in specs will be display and battery size.


Size 41/45mm
Display 1.2/1.4", Gorilla Glass DX
Battery 247/340 mAh
Storage 8GB
Connectivity LTE, GPS
IP rating IP68
Software Tizen OS 5.5

The Galaxy Watch3 is also reportedly going to be equipped with a heart rate monitor with 8 pulse-reading photodiodes and support for blood pressure monitoring, plus an electrocardiogram sensor. It's worth noting that the Galaxy Watch Active2 had an ECG sensor worldwide, but it was only enabled in Korea, so hopefully that can be cleared for use in other countries when the watch launches.

Batteries in this new series are expected to be a bit smaller than those on the original Galaxy Watch, with the 41mm settling for a 247 mAh cell and the 45mm variant rocking a 340 mAh battery — although those are the same sizes as found in last year's Active2 watches, which Corbin got over two days of battery life from in his review.

The same anonymous source who provided the photos above also gave us a few screenshots of the Watch3 connected to the Galaxy Wearable app:

You can see in the first screen that there's 56 percent battery remaining, which apparently translates to 16 hours and 54 minutes of time left. If you walk that out, you get 30 hours and 11 minutes of life on a full charge. Of course, it won't be that precise; actual battery life will depend on usage. Still, it gives us a rough idea.

When will it be available?

We haven't heard anything concrete about an announcement or release date for the Galaxy Watch3, but it seems likely it'll be unveiled at Samsung's Note20 event on August 5, where we should learn pricing and availability on the company's newest wearable.

Any new details we learn about the upcoming Galaxy Watch3 will be added right here, so be sure to check back in the weeks leading up to its anticipated reveal in August.