Summer is in full swing, which means the air and ground are teeming with little critters, crawlies, and other tiny things that fly and buzz. If you're not having enough of those buggers in real life, you can now view them in AR through your phone's screen as Google just added 23 insects to its collection of 3D animals in search.

The 23 insects are available on devices that support AR Core. To check them out, all you have to do is open Google Search or on your Android browser and type their name, then, as was the case with previous animals, dinosaurs, and objects, you should look for the big card with the "View in 3D" button. That gives you a large 3D version of the insect, which you can rotate, enlarge, flip around, and observe from all angles. You also get to hear its buzz and other distinctive sounds, and see it spread its wings and transform in front of your eyes.

From there, you can tap to view it in your space, which puts the insect on a flat surface in front of you, though in a larger-than-life size. Pinch-to-zoom works here, but if you want to see how tiny a bug really is, you'll need to tap "view actual size." You can also grab screenshots or record videos, and when you're done, go back to the 3D model and swipe up to reveal other related insects.

Here's the list of 23 beetles, cicadas, butterflies, and other bugs you can search for:

  • Atlas beetle
  • Atlas moth
  • Brown cicada
  • Dragonfly
  • Evening cicada
  • Firefly (pick the insect, not the movie)
  • Giant stag
  • Grasshopper
  • Hercules beetle
  • Hornet
  • Jewel beetle
  • Ladybug (pick the insect, not the movie)
  • Mantis
  • Miyama stag beetle
  • Morpho butterfly
  • Periodical cicada
  • Robust cicada (try "Hyalessa maculaticollis" if you don't get the card)
  • Rosalia batesi (card won't show up, find another insect then look for this in the Related section)
  • Rhinoceros beetle
  • Shining ball scarab beetle (try "Leiodidae" if you don't get the card)
  • Stag beetle
  • Swallowtail butterfly
  • Walker’s cicada (try "Meimuna opalifera" if you don't get the card)

If you live in Japan, Google is also running an AR insect photo contest with 3 Pixels and some Google goodies as prizes. You can find the details at