Google is finally letting Android phone owners use their 4G and 5G connections to stream gameplay to and from Stadia starting today. The company is calling this an open experiment and, as it may turn out, could bear significant limits.

Players can check to see if they can activate the feature by heading to the Stadia app, tapping on their avatar in the top-right corner, selecting Experiments, and looking for the Use Mobile Data toggle. Not everyone has it right now, so look back every so often if you don't.

Our cross-town colleagues at 9to5Google had performed an APK inspection on Stadia version 2.26 late last week and found prompts related to how mobile data streaming would present itself as a feature.

It may appear as a call to action dialog box with the message:

Find a way to play. There’s a new feature available, you can opt into playing games using mobile data.

If the users indicates they'd like to go forward with mobile data streaming, they are then warned:

Enabling this feature may increase your mobile data usage up to 2.7 GB/hr

It should be noted that Stadia is rated to stream at 720p on a connection of at least 10Mbps and could use up to 4.5GB per hour. This likely means that mobile streaming would be capped to something in the 480p neighborhood.

A couple of other dialog boxes are also set to appear after a game is stopped because their device was able to access a Wi-Fi network.

It's not the most seamless of experiences, but it's definitely a start on covering the biggest gap in user access that this platform purports to serve.