Sharing music we love with others isn't a novel idea. We've changed the way we do it over the years and adapted to newer technologies, but the core concept remains the same thing as playing that cassette tape in front of your friends and hoping they like it too. Spotify introduced a more modern version of that through Group Sessions a few months ago, but the feature was limited to users in your vicinity. Now it's spreading to remote users too.

The feature should work the same way as Group Sessions currently do, but instead of just seeing a "Scan to join" option when you try to initiate a session, you'll also find a share button. This will let you send a link to anyone remotely, and clicking it will allow them to join your listening party.

Two to five people can be part of the experience, and all of them will hear the same music or podcasts at the same time. Hosts and guests can all control playback and add tracks to the queue, just as if you'd given everyone the remote for your stereo speakers and they were dictating the music all participants hears. Except everyone is hopefully social distancing in their own home and not being reckless. It's the same idea as the Netflix Party extension, but for music.

Group Sessions are only available to Premium subscribers and the feature is still in beta, so expect some wonkiness. The option to share a session via link is not yet live for me, but it should be rolling out soon.

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts
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