Spotify might be indispensable for some of us, but the company can be surprisingly slow to roll out pretty basic features. In another I-can't-believe-it-didn't-already-have-it addition, the Spotify desktop client just picked up standalone support for streaming to Chromecasts.

If you're a little confused, that's understandable. See, Spotify kinda-sorta had Chromecast support on the desktop client before, but it wasn't standalone. It could see Chromecasts on your network, but only if you also had the mobile app running recently on another device and had started a stream via your phone. In short, the desktop client couldn't do it by itself.

As of yesterday, that has changed. Spotify announced the feature rollout on a related support query to its community forums. The change must be progressively rolling out, as it isn't available in the client on my work desktop, but it is available on the web client.

This essentially finishes a rollout for Chromecast support that started all the way back in 2015. Sadly, that glacial development pace seems to be pretty standard for the company when it comes to simple and much-wanted feature requests.