OnePlus has dipped its toe into the Bluetooth audio waters several times, but it stubbornly avoided true wireless even as the rest of the industry dropped wires. Now, OnePlus is getting with the times. The true wireless OnePlus Buds are now available in the US, priced at $79.

Our review should answer most of the questions you have, but the gist is these earbuds sound good and are very comfortable, provided you're okay with AirPod-style hard tips. We also quite like the option to quickly switch between two paired devices with a long-press on the control pad. Some phones, like the iPhone and Galaxy S20 exhibited unusual stuttering, but everything else we tested worked perfectly.

OnePlus has the white color in stock and ready to go, but shipping will cost a few bucks extra. Standard shipping will get them to your door by August 13th. Priority is 11 days faster but costs a bit more. The gray color should be available at a later date (we have heard mid-August), but there's no entry for the cool Nord Blue color on the US store. Hopefully that shows up at some point.