Bullitt Group has been producing smartphones under Caterpillar Inc's brand (yes, the construction equipment company) for a few years now, giving us phones like the infrared-equipped Cat S60. Now the company has returned with another durable Cat phone, the S62 Pro.

The main selling point of the Cat S62 Pro is the improved thermal camera. While previous models like the S60 already had the 'Thermal by FLIR' technology, the S62 Pro offers "a huge four-fold increase in the number of thermal pixels." Even with the improved sensors, the phone is 12% more compact than previous Cat devices, with a 10% larger screen.

The software for the thermal camera has also been drastically improved. The phone can monitor a custom temperature range (between -20°C to +400°C) and warn you when something falls within that range. Bullitt says this is "hugely useful when watching for machinery to reach a specified temperature, screening for unusually elevated temperature, or even if the BBQ is up to temperature."


Chipset Snapdragon 660
Display 5.7" FHD+ 18:9
Storage 128GB with microSD expansion
Battery 4,000mAh
Cameras 12MP Sony dual pixel rear camera, 8MP front camera
Thermal sensor FLIR, measurable range -20°C to 400°C, 1440 x 1080 HD output with VividIR, 9 thermal color palettes
Connectivity LTE Cat 13, VoLTE, VoWiFi, ViLTE, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Software Android 10
Price €649 / £599 / $749

As expected from a smartphone with the branding of construction equipment, the Cat S62 Pro also has a durable build with full IP68 water/dust protection. The phone is rated to survive multiple 1.8M drops onto steel, and its back is covered in a non-slip TPU covering. There's also a programmable shortcut key, which needs to be on more regular smartphones.

The Cat S62 Pro has an MSRP of €649 / £599 / $749, and it will be available to buy at catphones.com and a selection of other retailers.