In today's world of AirPods and other true wireless earbuds, the form factor that Jaybird popularized is becoming increasingly rare to see. That said, there are still scenarios in which one might prefer the older style. If you're still in the market for them, Jaybird is currently offering its Tarah Pro in-ear headphones for $99.99, which is $30 off the regular going price and the lowest price we've seen for these, at several retailers.

The Tarah Pro was released in late 2018. Our own Taylor reviewed them, dubbing them "Jaybird's best wireless earbuds yet" thanks to the great battery life, sound quality, and updated charger design. One of Taylor's main complaints was the price, but that was back when the retail price was $159.99. At $99.99, the Tarah Pro becomes a much more interesting proposition.

This discount is available at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H, though Amazon has it on pre-order for some reason until August 1st (???) and B&H is backordered. Best Buy is probably the way to go, especially since it has color options that the other two don't, and local pickup is available. You can pick a pair up via the links below.