Like most companies, Google sent its employees home in the face of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Many firms have floated aggressive timetables to get people back into the office, but Google is apparently embracing remote work. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google does not expect to bring people back to its offices until July 2021.

The move has only been communicated to a small number of staffers, but Google could announce the policy publicly any day now. The decision came directly from CEO Sundar Pichai, who discussed the situation with Google managers in recent days. Pichai decided to adopt the extended work-from-home guidelines in large part because of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year. Many parents expect to have their children at home until the pandemic subsides, complicating efforts to return to the office. And of course, no one knows when offices will be safe, either.

Google has about 200,000 full-time and contract employees, and almost all of them will be covered by the remote work extension. Google reopened a handful of small offices in countries with limited coronavirus infections like Greece and Australia. However, those in the US, UK, Brazil, and most other countries might have 12 more months of remote work ahead of them.

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