We've seen a lot of changes to Digital Welbeing ever since it first launched, nearly two years ago, but the feature's main goal has stayed to same: to make it easy for you to curb your app and smartphone usage. The latest change in the app, even though minimal, follows those footsteps. It turns apps into grayscale when there's less than a minute left on their daily timer.

If you set a daily app timer on certain time-sink apps through Digital Wellbeing — say Twitter or Instagram or YouTube — the app's usage is limited to that specific amount. After you've used up your allocation, you can't open it or receive notifications from it.

To prepare for this, Digital Wellbeing now switches the app to a grayscale shade when it's in the foreground and there's less than one minute on the timer. This only affects the app itself, not the rest of the Android UI, and should serve as a good visual warning to quickly finish what you're doing before you're locked out.

This grayscale mode is screenshotable, unlike the full-system grayscale that Digital Wellbeing applies when Bedtime mode is activated (you get colored captures when you try that). So it seems that the mechanism in which it's applied is different on the OS level. That's the only quirky thing I noticed about it. The change appeared with Digital Wellbeing v1.0.32 beta, and has been slowly rolling out to users. You can grab the latest release from APK Mirror.

Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
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