This week we learned that both AT&T and T-Mobile plan to make VoLTE a hard requirement for their networks in the next couple years. Folks using older phones that don't support the technology will be left behind if they don't upgrade. Most recent phones do support VoLTE, though some enthusiasts running custom ROMs or using imported devices might be in trouble. We're curious how many of our readers might be affected by this change, so: Does your phone support VoLTE (HD Voice) on your carrier?

There are a few different ways to check if your phone supports the standard. By far the easiest is to check settings for the "SIM Status" page and see if you have LTE listed under "mobile voice network type," but that might not be there for all phones, and it's not the only way to see. For more instructions you can check our guide for T-Mobile compatibility here.

So, do you get VoLTE service on your carrier, or will you end up having to buy a new device in the next year or two?

Does your phone get VoLTE service on your carrier?

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