The ROG Phone 3 debuted just a few days ago with some pretty ridiculous specs, but the high refresh rate is what the ROG Phone line is primarily known for. This latest version has a display said to be capable of 144Hz, but it seems that ASUS has a 160Hz mode in testing that anyone with an ROG Phone 3 can activate with one ADB command.

XDA discovered this hidden 160Hz mode while looking through the settings app, finding a debug command that would allow the 160Hz mode to appear as an option in the settings. Here's the command:

adb shell setprop debug.vendor.asus.fps.eng 1

Once this command is entered and you reboot your phone, there will be a 160Hz option in Settings > Display > Refresh Rate. It can also be activated from the Refresh Rate Quick Settings tile. XDA ran some tests, finding that the phone was in fact running at 160Hz. Most of the apps and games that ASUS says will run at 144Hz are actually "unlocked" and will likely run at 160Hz as well.

That said, the 160Hz mode obviously isn't ready for primetime; if that wasn't clear enough from this setting not actually being available without an ADB command, the lack of a properly calibrated display in this mode shows it. You can play around in the display settings to better configure the screen for yourself. So if you've been planning on getting a ROG Phone 3 and just have to eke as many fps out of it as possible, you can sleep soundly knowing there's a way.