If you've ever picked up your handset and thought, "I wish my phone looked like a scoop of sherbet," your dream has finally come true. Today, dbrand is dropping a limited Pastel collection that probably should've launched in spring, but showing up on time to the party isn't what winners do. Check them out!

dbrand fans will likely remember the company's first foray into pastels with the (not) Animal Crossing drop back in April. Turns out, you all like dressing your devices up as Easter eggs so much, dbrand figured it could scrape a few more dollars out of you with a broader skin portfolio.

The Pastel collection comes in eight mouth-watering colors that fall anywhere between, "sure, that sounds like pastel" to "who approved this?" They include Sunset Red, Sunrise Orange, Mellow Yellow, Seafoam Green, Sky Blue, Kind of Purple, Off Pink, and for the clinically colorblind, Pastel Black — all executed with a beautiful Ultramatte finish.

The Pastel collection is available in skins ($14.90) and Grip Cases ($39.90) for the only phones that matter, including the brand new OnePlus Nord, Google Pixel 4 XL, Samsung S20 series, and more. If your device isn't on the list, you should definitely consider picking up a more important phone next time around.

You can order your Pastel skins from dbrand's website today. Make sure you take a little time poking around on all the devices and colors while you're there; dbrand subbed out their usual device holograms and satirical blocks of text for actual product photography and... no text at all.

WARNING: dbrand's Pastel collection doesn't actually taste like fruity sherbet. Both AP and the CDC would probably advise against licking it.

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