Samsung has opened reservations for "the next Galaxy," a pretty clear euphemism for the now much-leaked Galaxy Note20 series of phones. Pre-registering your interest today will snag you a $50 instant credit you can spend on Samsung's site for stuff like tablets, smartwatches PCs, and "select" accessories.

So far as we can tell (and as with previous Galaxy releases) reserving a phone doesn't actually force you to buy one — but you don't get that $50 credit unless you complete your pre-order later. You can mark your interest down for specific carrier availability or an unlocked version, and optionally even sign up for SMS alerts.

Unlike last time, Samsung isn't saying when folks can expect delivery, but we are getting more than the $35 in credit the company offered for the Galaxy S20 pre-registration.

Folks already planning to do a trade-in with Samsung might want to take advantage of this for a bit of extra store credit. Pre-orders will also get better trade-in values later. The "reserve period" lasts until August 4th — which we have to assume is the launch date, or very near it.

Interested parties can click through at the source link below to pre-register and reserve their phone.