The OnePlus Nord isn't actually on sale yet, but that isn't stopping the company from publicly announcing he phone's first software update to Oxygen OS 10.5.2. Among the included changes are some tweaks for the OnePlus Buds firmware and a good number of the expected early-release fixes for minor issues.

The full changelog is just below:


  • System
    • Newly adapted OnePlus Buds firmware, easier to take advantage of wireless connection
    • Newly adapted Dailyhunt with 90Hz refresh rate (IN only)
    • Optimized the process of starting camera with gestures
    • Optimized video calling performance
    • Improved system stability and fixed general issues
    • Updated Android security patch to 2020.07
  • Camera
    • Optimized power efficiency for front camera video shooting at 4K 60fps
    • Improved camera experience and system stability

On top of that change for the OnePlus Buds, Dailyhunt (a news and video service) appears to have picked up 90Hz support in India. The rest of the items on the list are mostly fixes for things like starting the camera using OnePlus' famous gestures, better video call performance (among other camera tweaks), general stability fixes, and a bump in security patches to this month's release.

General sales for the OnePlus Nord don't start until August 4th, though some folks have been able to pre-order them early through various events. While the world collectively waits to get their hands on the new phone, we can at least rest easy knowing we'll have this update as a day-one download.

While you wait for our formal review for the OnePlus Nord, feel free to read or re-read our hands-on.