Google Photos is the most convenient digital means of storing and organizing your photos ever conceived by man, but there's just something about looking at printed pictures. Through July 26, Google is making it easier to wrap your grubby meat mitts around some physical memories by waiving shipping fees on its photo books and canvas prints.

Shipping normally starts at $4 for a seven-inch softcover book and $6 for a nine-inch hardcover. Considering the books themselves are usually $10 to $20, those shipping fees represent a significant portion of the whole affair's total cost. For canvas prints, shipping can run from $6 to $10.

The offer is valid until the end of the day on Sunday, July 26. That's not that long, so get on designing some books if you're interested. Open the Google Photos app and go to the Library tab (or the Print store tab on the Photos desktop site) to get yours.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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