We were pretty dang sure Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Beans Buds Live headphones were going to include active noise cancellation based on the details in a previously leaked video, but an update to the Samsung Galaxy Buds listing on Apple's App Store has the final proof positive we needed: A big, clear ANC toggle for the Galaxy Buds Live in the app's screenshots. New renders of the upcoming earbuds, including their charging case, have also leaked courtesy of WinFuture's Roland Quandt, who further provides battery life, specs, and prices for the bean-shaped buds.

A handful of other things like "touch and hold" control customization, a "Find My Earbuds" feature, and equalizer settings are also demonstrated by the screenshots, as well as the correct way to wear the bean-shaped buds — which we're sure will be a point of confusion in the future.

Together with the app listing, Samsung also published a support landing page for the Galaxy Buds Live, though it's almost certainly just a placeholder for now — the current links all point to other products.

Galaxy Buds Live in three colors. Images via WinFuture.

Noted leaker Roland Quandt also revealed a handful of renders for the upcoming Galaxy Buds Live in three colors: Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, and Mystic White. All three shades likely match the colors we've seen for the upcoming Note20 phones. These renders pretty much agree with what we've seen so far, but more notably, he has also given us our first glimpse of the charging case:

Galaxy Buds Live charging case. Image via WinFuture.

Technical and battery life details were also included with his leak. The Galaxy Buds Live have 12nm drivers and three mics per earbud, plus built-in touch, acceleration, Hall (magnetic field), and distance sensors, weighing 5.6g. Controls include play/pause, answering calls, and volume. Rubber sleeves of some kind will also be included with the bean-shaped buds to ensure a more precise fit.

Battery life varies from up to 7.5 hours with bells and whistles like ANC and Bixby turned off, down to 5.5 hours with them turned on, and as low as 4.5 hours for voice calls. The included case provides up to 20 hours of total battery life with ANC, and 20 hours without. Three minutes of charge time in the case should provide up to 35 minutes of battery life, and the case itself can top up wirelessly or over USB Type-C.

Quandt says the buds should cost around 190€, though it might vary by market. As a wild speculative guess (assuming his info is for Germany, subtracting VAT, and converting directly to USD), we might see prices in the states somewhere around $185.