Google already throws in a few perks with the purchase of Chromebooks, like three months of Disney+ or copies of Doom I and II, but now there's an extra bonus. If you've bought a Chromebook recently, you might be able to get 100GB of free Dropbox storage for 12 months.

The special perks page for Chromebooks now includes an offer to get 100GB of Dropbox storage, valid for 12 months. This appears to be the first time Google has offered any kind of Dropbox promotion with Chromebooks, even though 100GB of free Google Drive storage for new Chromebooks has been available for years.

Your mileage redeeming the deal may vary — Chromebook offers are usually only valid in select regions, and might not work on all models. To give it a shot, visit the source link below and click the 'Get perk' button on the Dropbox option. Sadly, Dropbox still doesn't have the native offline sync capabilities on Chromebooks as Google Drive, but we have a guide for syncing Dropbox files on Chromebooks with the unofficial Dropsync application.