Google Pay support is ever expanding among financial institutions, and that's both the case in the US and the rest of the world. As such, we've compiled a list of the latest international banks that have added their credit and debit cards to Google's contactless payment service, coming in at a total of 25 institutions across 14 (mostly European) countries.

  • Australia
    • Queensland Country Bank
  • Denmark
    • Moorwand Limited
    • Lunar
  • Finland
    • Moorwand Limited
  • Germany
    • Augsburger Aktienbank
    • Curve
    • Netbank
    • Penta
  • Italy
    • Flowe S.p.A. Societa' Benefit
  • Japan
    • Revolut Technologies Japan Inc
  • Norway
    • Moorwand Limited
    • Lunar
    • Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane
  • Poland
    • Idea Bank
    • SGB (FDP)
  • Russia
    • Commercial Bank "Garant-Invest Bank" Closed Joint Stock Company
    • Commercial Bank "Sinko-Bank" Ltd
    • Industrial Agricultural Bank Ltd.
    • Joint Stock Commercial Bank "IRS" (Closed Joint Stock Company)
    • Joint Stock Company "First Investment Bank" (JSC Finbank)
    • JSC Kuban Trade Bank
  • Slovakia
    • Československá obchodná banka
  • Spain
    • Aplazame SL
  • Sweden
    • Marginalen Bank
    • Moorwand Limited
    • Lunar
    • Volvofinans Bank AB
  • Switzerland
    • Yapeal
  • United Kingdom
    • Moorwand Limited
    • Weatherbys bank
    • Whim

If you're a customer of one of these institutions, download the Pay app from the Play Store (if it isn't pre-installed), add your cards, and get ready to pay without reaching for your wallet. You'll get the added security and privacy benefit of generating a randomized credit card number for each payment, making it impossible for merchants to monitor your purchases.

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