Today Google has announced a new set of tools that will appear when folks search for the term "mortgage" on mobile. A new option in results will give you a convenient all-in-one tabbed navigation pane that includes stuff like a mortgage calculator, information on various rates and types, a walkthrough on the overall mortgage process, and even information about mortgage relief for those impacted by job loss as a result of the pandemic and economic downturn.

I actually just recently purchased my very first property, and I can verify the process is far more complicated than it has any right to be, but Google's new tool offers you quick shortcuts to all the info you should need to understand what's involved. Some of the things, like the mortgage payment calculator, were already available in Search, but the new tool unifies everything you'll need under a single tab-navigated tool, and the step-by-step process will be handy for other first-time homebuyers that don't yet know the right order of operations.

Before you assume Google's loaded the new tools with a ton of referral links to turn a quick penny, as far as I can see, there aren't any, and the company worked together with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to make it.  This is purely educational content that organizes the stuff you'd already get from more specific searches together under one roof.

Whether you're considering a move to the country in these becovid times, looking to refinance as a result of the continued rate decreases, or seeking info about mortgage relief options, you can find all the details with a single search of "mortgage" through Google.