Thanks to the way ChromeOS is developed, we often get glimpses of upcoming features and devices through the open-source Chromium code. ChromeOS started out with traditional clamshells, and over the years we've gotten foldables, detachables, and even straight-up tablets. Now it looks like Google is experimenting with a new form factor: a touchscreen Chromebook with dual screens.

The device is codenamed "Palkia" in the Chromium codebase, and is stated to have two touch screens: one on the lid and the other on the base. With folding phones that have multiple screens becoming more common these days, it's interesting to think about the possibilities of Chromebook devices that have dual-touchscreens.

To be clear, this doesn't necessarily mean that a dual-screen Chromebook will hit the shelves anytime soon. What it does indicate, though, is that the Chromium developers are working on a proof of concept device, so that they'll be prepared when a manufacturer like ASUS, Lenovo, or Google itself calls. If this dual-screen device does become a reality, I'm sure we'll be ready with our wallets.