If you're an Android Police reader who's ever used a Google product, you're probably familiar with the process of submitting feedback to the big G: click your avatar in the top right, then select the "Send feedback" option at the bottom of the menu. But did you know there's a central location where you can view the feedback you've submitted throughout the years?

Over at google.com/tools/feedback/reports, you can view a list of feedback you've submitted across everything from YouTube Music to the Google Camera app. Depending on how much of your feedback has been addressed, it's either fun or a bit depressing. This page has been around since at least 2014, but odds are pretty good you might have never stumbled across it. According to my list I've given Google 331 helpful tips since 2019, and I'm sure that number will continue to grow.

Print off a bunch of your random feedback reports and it could be an abstract art piece.

Unfortunately, the page doesn't seem to be working for everyone. Some of us at AP just get a blank page, while others see a list of feedback with blank descriptions. Even if it does work for you, it may not show your entire history of complaints comments. It's also a little annoying that there's no "skip to end" button; there is a button to send feedback about the feedback list, oddly enough. Hopefully, Google can iron out a few of these kinks, because opening a time capsule to 2011 and reading your Google Plus feedback could be a great way to pass the time.