Now that phone bezels are shrinking and decent front-firing speakers have all but gone away, Bluetooth speakers are more important than ever. JBL makes some good options, including the Charge 4, which is going for $180 new on Amazon right now. Today only though, you can grab a factory reconditioned unit from Woot for just about $90.

The Charge 4 can connect with two devices so you can show off your amazing taste in tunes while a friend plays their much lamer music. It has a 7,500mAh battery that can last up to 20 hours on a charge, and thankfully the charging port is USB-C. The speaker should be perfect for whenever we can have pool parties again, since it's built rugged with IPX7 waterproofing. It comes in either black, blue, or... camo? Yep, camo — take it hunting and lure in your prey with some sick beats.

JBL Connect+ can be used to wirelessly link up with other compatible speakers to form a sort of mesh audio system, so if you've got some other JBL units lying around, this could be a pretty cheap way to elevate your sound game. These are factory reconditioned units that come with a year-long warranty from JBL. You can also bundle the Charge 4 with some JBL Free X Wireless Earbuds for $110, and that gives you an extra yellow color option for the speaker.