People relying on Samsung Health as their one-stop solution for tracking their health may have to look elsewhere soon. As SamMobile found out, German Samsung Health users are currently receiving end-of-service notices, telling them that the app will lose support for caffeine intake tracking and weight and calorie management, starting with version 6.11 on Android and 4.1 on smartwatches. This update will almost certainly reach people in other territories soon enough, too. Note that you'll still be able to track calories and weight individually — you just won't be able to compare the stats against each other.

The features you're about to lose: Weight management and caffeine intake tracking.

Once you update to the respective versions, watch faces will stop displaying weight and calorie management data, which currently informs you whether or not you're on track to reach your daily/weekly calorie deficient, i.e. your weight loss goal. This data also won't be available in Health's dashboard anymore. If you update your watch app later than the one on your phone, you'll keep seeing the data in question locally on the watch, but you won't be able to access it on your handset.

Here's what Samsung Germany writes verbatim, translated to English:

Note on the end of the service - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, CAFFEINE SERVICE

In new versions of Samsung Health (starting with 6.11 for Samsung Health Mobile, 4.10 for Samsung Health Galaxy Watch) weight management, caffeine, and calorie tracking are no longer available. Watchfaces can no longer display these data.

Users of Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit who continue to use the "Caffeine", "Weight Management", and "Calories" widgets in older versions, can no longer check the associated content on their mobile phone when downloading Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11. The associated data stored in Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit can only be stored temporarily and will be deleted after a certain period of time.

These are rather bad news for long-time Health users who may have been logging this data for months or years. While there are many great specialized apps for tracking and comparing weight and calorie loss against each other, other fitness companies like Fitbit or Garmin continue to include this data in their companion applications. Even if only a small subset of people used these features in Samsung Health, this move won't help the company stand out against its more specialized competition, and it won't be able to claim that it offers a one-stop solution for tracking your health anymore.

The article has been updated to specify that the Health app is losing weight and calorie management features, not weight and calorie tracking. Those will still be available in version 6.11.

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