If you've been looking for a power bank that can charge almost all of your tech, you might want to look at the 26800mAh Aukey USB C Power Bank. It's capable of charging almost any USB C devices, including laptops, at up to 65W, and you can get it for only $56 on Amazon right now — if you use the coupon code PYN3RRGG during checkout, that is.

Our own Corbin Davenport gives it an almost perfect score of 9/10 in his review and writes: "The Aukey Power Bank does exactly what it claims: it can charge all your USB-PD devices at roughly the same rate as a full-powered wall connector." Sure, it's a rather bulky thing, measuring 6.5 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches and weighing 1.54 pounds, but as long as there are no breakthroughs in battery technology, that's as small as 26800mAh can get. Corbin criticizes that only one of the two available USB C ports charges at a full 65W, while the other is capped at 18W, so you'll need to pay attention which of the two you use to charge something like your laptop or tablet. There's also a USB A port if you have one of these cables lying around.

To take advantage of the deal, head to Amazon, add the Power Bank to your shopping cart and enter the following code before you place the order: PYN3RRGG. Then, $24 will be be taken off the total, leaving you with $55.99 before tax.