Google has fixed a bug that hindered many people from editing their Assistant reminders for some time yesterday. It was possible to create new reminders via voice, but manual editing via the reminder overview was broken, potentially globally. Luckily, there were workarounds if you absolutely had to change something about existing reminders during the period.

The issue manifested itself when you viewed all of your reminders by saying "Show my reminders" to the Assistant and tapping the "More reminders" button. When you selected an individual reminder in there and tapped the pencil button to edit it, a loading animation would pop up before you were thrown back into the Assistant, telling you, "I don't know which one you meant, I sent a notification to your phone so you can choose which reminder to update." When you followed that notification and tried to edit the reminder through it, the process would merely repeat, as Android Police's Artem Russakovskii showed in a video on Twitter:

There are a couple of workarounds if you need to edit your reminders, should a problem like this ever occur again. You can always change the title and time on the Google Calendar website or app. And if you remember what you named a reminder specifically, you can ask Google Assistant to edit it directly by saying, "Edit my [reminder title] reminder."

The problem has been resolved, and the article has been updated accordingly.