With much of the world having to isolate for an extended period, video conferencing has become ever more popular as people find new ways to stay connected with their family and friends. To keep up with demand, services like Messenger and Google Meet have needed to roll out new features to compete. Facebook added rooms to its messaging platform earlier this year, as well as screen sharing when on the web. As of today, you'll be able to share your mobile screen too.

Screen sharing has become a must-have, mostly thanks to people hosting online quiz nights with their friends, in which case sharing your screen with hints or multiple choices is an invaluable tool. So for those of you who use Messenger for all of your quizzing and communication needs, the arrival of screen sharing on your mobile devices will be welcome news.

Screen sharing is available in one-on-one video calls, group calls with up to eight people, and rooms with sixteen people. Facebook is working on expanding that number to fifty people when in a room, but there isn't a timeline for that just yet.

Screen sharing should be rolling out now and is already available for me in the latest beta.