Netflix may be the top dog when it comes to paid video streaming subscriptions, but NBCUniversal has been hatching a new egg of its own in the form of Peacock, a new streaming service with free and paid plan options. It includes plenty of content from modern day TV comedies to classic movies. Today, Peacock is going live along with some introductory perks.

In April, Peacock rolled out in early preview mode for certain Comcast customers, but now it's ready to officially launch nationwide. The service goes live today, and it's available on Android, Android TV, Chromecast, and Chromecast built-in devices like TVs. Peacock has both a free tier and a premium plan, with roughly twice as much content. The company says that Android and Android TV users will receive complimentary access to Peacock Premium through October 15.

Once the promotion ends, Peacock's Premium plan will be available for about $5 a month. Viewers can further opt to upgrade to an ad-free tier for an additional $5 per month. It's kind of a neat idea to split the ad-free subscription into a separate purchase, since it makes the premium plan seem much cheaper than offerings like Netflix, while letting customers still test drive all the content on the service.

It may be yet another streaming subscription we'll have to pay for (or mooch off of someone else's account), but with 15,000+ hours of content and everything from sports and news to classic films, Peacock might be poised to take off. The Android app is available now in the Play Store, although it doesn't seem to be coming up in search. Click the app widget link below or grab it from APK Mirror.

Available now

This article has been updated to reflect Peacock's availability.