If you've wanted active noise canceling headphones to tune out the world, but could never afford to shell out $300 or even $350 for the luxury, you now have an alternative to waiting around for sales. Mobvoi, known for its cut-price Wear OS watches and ANC earbuds, has come out with its TicKasa ANC over-ear headphones that aim for lofty feature targets but for less than half the cost of a top-tier pair of cans.

For a value-focused product, it's always pertinent to look at material specs. Here, we have Qualcomm's QCC3031 chipset which gives the TicKasa Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX HD compatibility. There are 40mm drivers, five microphones for voice pick-up and noise cancellation impact of up to -32dB, and an 800mAh battery rated for 20 hours of ANC playback at 50% volume and 30 hours without — subtract 5 hours on each figure if you're blasting it at max.

The big bummer here is that it uses a microUSB port for charging and that a zero-to-full cycle takes 4 hours. But there is a line-in port to get around all of that if you'd like.

There's not much color text on fit and feel or a few other quality-of-life aspects, but at $130 in the U.S., we're talking about core ANC values for a low, low price. You can buy it today direct from Mobvoi at the link below. It's also available in Australia for $190, Canada for $180, Europe for €130, and the U.K. for £110.