If you're looking to cut your battery indicator from the status bar, but would still like to know where you're at with power, there are plenty of alternatives that make the most out of the crazy obtrusions phone makers like to put on their displays. For those who own a OnePlus 6T, they now have Energy Notch.

The app comes from IJP who also develops the Energy Bar and Energy Ring metering apps for a number of devices. If you're familiar with those, the modus operandi is pretty much the same for Energy Notch here.

Among the various settings users can toggle on are the brush thickness — some thicknesses do have rough edges around the notch, but the app is in beta right now and IJP doesn't typically own the devices they develop for, so that's somewhat to be expected. Colors, level segmenting, and charging animations can be controlled through a panel at the bottom of the screen.

Users have access to only one notch style for free which shows just one color at a time. For multi-color segments and gradients, they'll need to make an in-app donation of at least $2.49.

As we implied at the top, the app currently supports just the OnePlus 6T for now. If compatibility does expand, we'd guess it'll only be for phones with similar "waterfall-type" notches — in any case, you can lobby for your device with an email to IJP.

With manufacturers leaving notches behind in favor of punch-hole selfie cameras, it's a nice gesture to see people with older phones being considered for improvements like these.